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The unchained MELODY will sound forever ❣

Sara Moreno and Vicente Lli - One of the most successful mixed pair in the history of aerobic gymnastics worldwide are still on their way to make a last, but memorable, performance before retiring after many years being on top of the world ranking.

After the 2016 World Championship in Korea, they decided to retire from the individual events and dedicate themselves exclusively to the pair until the 2017 World Games held in Poland. However, for a very special request of the public and for all the passion they have to this wonderful sport, they decided to compete one last time in the European Championship, that will take place in Ancona - Italy, where the Italian public and the aerobic family will have the pleasure of seeing them live for the last time. Vicente won the last European Championship with a great individual performance, Sara wasn’t left behind, she finished on 3rd place with an emotional routine and the mixed pair won the gold medal performing incredibly with the “Wrecking Ball” song.

It’s been a long way since they started, they had experienced both good and bad moments and that’s why, currently, they are on the top of the world!

They dared to achieve failures along their career to be able to obtain great successes. We want to share with you a big moment for Sara and Vicente 11 years ago, where they won the gold medal in Age Group 2 – World Championship Age Group 2006

What did you learn throughout the years dedicating yourself to aerobic gymnastics and what are you going to miss the most?

Sara: I have learned a lot from the value of effort and constancy, that without effort and work there is no reward, that a reward never has to be something material. I’ve learned to never give up upon any situation, because you can always push yourself harder. It has taught me to always have my feet on the ground and wanting to overcome myself every day. Aerobic gymnastics has taught me to live and express my emotions. Nowadays, I’m the person that I am thanks to aerobic gymnastics. What I am going to miss the most, is difficult because there are many things, from training to that unique feeling before competing. I'm going to miss the pain of my body after a hard training and the emotion I get when all my hard work is reflected on a championship so I can’t help crying... Mmmm I would say much more hahaha ... but above all things I am a person who does everything with the heart...And aerobic gymnastics makes my heart bigger. Vicente: Gymnastics has given us many things, but if I had to choose one, it would be bravery! I wasn't a brave person, in fact, quite the opposite, and gymnastics taught me to be brave ... to face any situation with courage and determination. Not always everything in life goes well, but I have clear that choosing gymnastics has worked very well! Finding what fits you and makes you happy is not easy and I’m grateful of founding it in aerobic gymnastics many years ago. Now, it’s time to face a big change in my life and learn again. I'm sure it will be difficult and I'll miss it a lot, but aerobic gymnastics has already given me everything and now it’s time for me to give it back. I hope that this new phase never separates me from gymnastics because it really is and will always be what makes me happier and that’s why I want to dedicate my whole life to it.

As you can see, being the best in this sport is not an easy task, it requires sacrifices and hard work, because “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” and thanks to it Sara and Vicente are some of the best athletes of this sport and will never be forgotten.

Certainly the Spanish team and the whole aerobic family will miss Sara and Vicente in the next competitions. It’s difficult to find a word to describe them, but for the moment we can say they are "UNIQUE".

For this closing phase they had chosen the song "Unchained Melody" and surely the "Unchained Melody" will sound forever.

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