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Dora Hegyi 5.0 - On road to the last one

There are people who dedicate themselves, and there are people who live. Perhaps the second option is more accurate to describe the whole life of Dora Hegyi (26 years old) in Aerobic gymnastics.

And why 5.0... She is a gymnast, a coach, a judge, the athletes representative in the TC FIG, and an entrepreneur of gymnastics leotards.

Since an early age, she dedicated herself to gymnastics, starting in 1997 and falling in love immediately. A couple of years ago, she began training the new talented athletes from the Hungary Team, sharing the experience she had gain during her life as an elite gymnast. Moreover, she started making handmade leotards and now many gymnasts around the world are wearing them! In 2016, Dora decided to postulate for the athletes representative in the TC FIG so later, when she retires, she can still be involved in the improvement of this amazing sport. However, the love for aerobic gymnastics said more and she decided to continue training and competing. Her last achievement was getting judge brevet level 3.

Only a few gymnasts in the history of aerobic gymnastics had developed multiple functions like Dora Hegyi, but here we highlight her great work that's facing the commission of athletes. In every competition, Dora meets the gymnasts in order to hear their opinions so she can present them in the TC FIG meetings. We know that making a change is very slow...but attitudes like Dora defending the gymnasts rights, are very important because they are the principal key of our sport.

Foto: FIG

Many gymnasts started their career in 1997, but I'm sure only Dora has remain this long on the sport. In an interview during the World Cup in Korea (where she qualified to the finals of individual women and won the silver medal in the pair with Daniel Bali) she said: "I was not a talented girl, but the will to grow made me go so far and never forget of my dreams ".- It's worth saying that Dora has a 20-year career in aerobic gymnastics and achieved her best overall result in pairs at the world championship with Daniel Bali (21years)... IT'S INCREDIBLE.

After 20 years, she already has a date to do her best performance, this will take place in Ancona, Italy on August 23 - The European Championships 2017. It will certainly be a very exciting moment for Dora and all the Hungarian team that has grown and achieved important positions in the past years. After retiring, Dora Hegyi will continue to dedicate herself to aerobics as a coach and being part of the athlete representative for the improvement of the sport in the world. Recently, she attend a training camp in Turkey and has plans to continue growing and sharing her knowledge with the new talented generation.

The story of Dora Hegyi doesn't end here... To be continued!

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