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The first European games was very important to some new sports included on official Olympic European program, but for Aerobic Gymnastics was a great step chasing the Olympic dream.​

The Hungary group wrote a very beautiful history in the new “book” of the European Games, reminding some words from Mr. Patrick Joseph HICKEY (president of the European Olympic committee) - He said "You all will be remembered forever for all Europe because you're the first champions, remembered more than champions of the second edition, third..." For sure, all Hungarians need be proud of these gold gymnasts.

This Gold medal is a result of all investments to development the Aerobic Gymnastics in Hungary and did the world look a little different for this country. What's they are making to increase the level? what's the next goals? Who will be the next Hungary aerobic star?....

We're are happy to try answer some of your questions with Dora Hegyi (1st World Aerobic Gymnastics rank) and Katus Tamas (President of the Aerobic committee on Hungary Gymnastics Federation).

Questions to Katus Tamas:

When you started the idea to develop the aerobic gymnastics in Hungary?
In the 90' s The Hungarian Gymnastics Federation had good potental and motivation to bulit up a new sport in Hungary... Also they had luck because FITNESS Aerobics was very popular by that time and it was easy to find people to be competitors. Also the requriments were lower so our athletes were able to prepare for the competitions.

In this Century the level increased a lot and since our base was FITNESS Aerobics, we start loosing potental competitors with high level. So we started building up Age Group Clubs and also create new disciplines (Challenge, Step, Basic Aerobics ) which were a different base for the future.

By 2010 We had 800 athletes so we had a good quantity of AG competitors to choose the best ones for international level.

By now those AG athletes became seniors with good International experiences, so since 2013 we have started having good results on major competitions as well.

Now in every cathegories we have one unit with the chance to get into the best three, and also We have kept continue working with AG athletes on high level.

How works the technical committee in Hungary? They are supported by UEG or different gymnastics modalities inside of the federation?

In our Federation the TC is separated, with own rights to lead our sport independently. Altough we have financial and leagality dependency from the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation where we are member discipline.
What you thinks be necessary to a successful work and satisfactory development in non-Olympic sports? Is possible do it without great investments?

I think this is about membership quantity ....

If You have lots of athletes you will have the power and also have the chance for big income which is the base of good economical circumstances in the federation.

We are not supported by the government so we had to move on this way ...

We know to the Gold group was formed with great Hungarian aerobic stars - How and when was born the idea to create the group to Baku 2015?

The idea in not new since we have around 30 Clubs and 1000 competitors, to make a good group we have to select the best ones

to create one potental unit for International level. We have been doing this for years, because our coaches understood that this is a very efficient way of the improvment and good results

The "new main base" of the Aerobic Gymnastics was formed and are located inside of Europe (Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary), what needs to be done to develop Aerobic outside of Europe?

Definitaly these countries have-let's say-kind of responsibility to give hand for those countries which have any handicap.

This summer my wife and me were working in South Africa and Namibia because of the same reason...

Questions to Dora Hegyi:​

Favorite school subject: It was sport psychology on the University

Hobbies or favorite activities: In my free time I usually painting leotards or go for a walk with my dog in the forest

Favourite music: I can fall in love with a song which can touch my heart. I like pop and r&b the most. Nowdays I listen a lot of hungarian and italian pop music.

Favourite book: I love Steve Berry and Dan Brown’s books. I also love motivational books for example our swimmer super star Katinka Hosszu’s book titled „Hungary’s Iron Lady”.

Favourite movie: Moulin Rouge

Favorite food: I love salads in every way. Nowdays my favorite one is Daniel’s mom’s avocado- pear salad and I love everything with Nutella, but I have to take care

You lived many emotional moments in this year, but can you tell one of the more special

for you?

This year was fantastic for me and I just hope the best is yet to come. I am so proud that I earned important medals and titles for Hungarian Aerobics in 3 categories this year. Of course, the most memorable was our 1st European Games gold medal. I still have goose skin when I am thinking or talking about Baku…

In 2013 you reached a good result on European Championship but in the last World Championships some mistakes made you don't play in the finals of the World Championships. You think to some fails was the motivation to encourage you set new goals and work to be secure on competition stage?

Well after my fails in Cancun I had horrible nightmares. It was the first time in my life when I felt I lost something there and I felt myself too weak to restart this circle again. I spent much time to fix my mind and heart to stand up and working harder than ever. So yes, it was such a motivation! We changed my training methods with my coaches, Julia and Judit, for 2015, but first of all I had to change my mind to believe in myself more. We could see it started to work well with time.

All gymnasts have a "quote". What's your favorite quote?

My favourite quote is „Hard work beats talent any day”. A lot of kids has talent for this sport, but only some of them has humility and determination to do that in 100% . There were plenty of gymnasts with more talent than me when we started aerobic gymnastics, but they gave it up early. You know, with the body type of mine, I have to work twice harder than the others to keep myself in that level, but it totally worth it.

The notice of the new mixed pair Daniel Bali and Dora Hegyi was one of the more commented 'till the first international competition (Suzuki 2015) - Have you and Bali achieved all plans a and goals?

The most commented haha I like this! It was my dream to do mixed pair one day in my aerobic career, because I was always looking Sara- Vicente or Davide-Michela with wondering eyes like „I want to feel that connection too!” I think mixed pair is the most beautiful category in aerobic gymnastics! Our MP with Dani is really special, because of the age, height and so on… but it is easy to work together, because we both have addiction to our sport and we both like to use our brain. Suzuki World Cup was like a dream and after that, Baku was a big dissappointment to us, because we couldn’t compete well together. So, we have already had some ups and downs this year, but we also have a lot of goals in common to the future!

Tell us a gymnast that you take like inspiration everyday before you start the trainings?

There is a picture on the wall of our gym about award ceremony of the European

Championship in 2013, when I won bronze medal. I look at that every training and use it as an inspiration. There is a girl in the middle of that picture, who is such an example for me and she is Sara Moreno. Besides Sara, I have some close friends from aerobic world who are inspire me every day and give me that love and motivation I need to keep going! I just love our italian-spanish-hungarian ”Sciacca family”!

What are your goals for the next European Championship?

My goals are to do 6 good routines without any element mistakes and enjoy them as much as I just can! Probably it is one of my last chances to earn something on Europeans, so I will give all of my energy and heart to do it well!

Can you say some words to Hegyi fans?

First of all, I am so grateful to have all of you in my life. It is always a pleasure to hear if you like my style of aerobics. However it is not enough…

You have to be a good person to be loved too! It is not important on which level are you at the moment, you are a valuable person. There is always a little girl or boy who looks up to you and thinks „I want to be like you” So live your life like this and behave like this! Also never forget; there is no elevator to succes, you have to take the stairs.

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