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The aerobic gymnastics community of south-America are in countdown to the most important event of this continent. This will be the 3rd edition of this championships and for the first time Peru will hosting an international aerobic championship.

The realization of this competition will be very important to show the Peruvians how beautiful is the aerobic gymnastics and also will promote the sport on media and press. The Peruvian federation is making a good job, but it not would be possible without a proactive coach and big professional called Natalia Balarezo.

Natalia Balarezo began her sports career in the artistics gymnastics (athlete) and moved to aerobic gymnastics. After to retired (athlete life) she decided be coaching and currently is the national coach of peruvian team. After the first participation on FIG Aerobic Academy Natalia Balarezo began develop the national aerobic program. Currently the Aerobic gymnastics is the most successful modality on her country, and the peruvian federation is working hard looking for financial investments to increase the level and the number of participants.

The national program developed by Natalia Balarezo got 4 levels and after the gymnast accomplish each level they will be able to develop their routine and compete in the age groups. Some athletes have a good level and can start in another level, not necessary following the order: level 1, 2, 3,4 - Depends specifically of the motor ability and the talent of each athlete.

The Peruvian team did the first participation in a World Championships in 2012 - Sofia (Bulgaria)- represented by Thais Fernandez and Alessia Rodriguez.

Are you interested to more details about this program? You can contact Natalia Balarezo at

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