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After the end of the World Games 2013 I couldn't imagine revive new emotions like the finals of individual women's competition. 18000 spectators together in an amazing atmosphere watching and cheering to our aerobic stars, certainly the big name of that competition was Lubov Gazov - She won the bronze medal and a lot of space in Colombian hearts.

Aerobic Gymnastics WC 2014 begin but none moment overcomes that exciting finals of individual women's competition of the World Games 2013, BUT…

The 1st European Games Baku 2015 begun and the aerobic gymnastics Hungarian team surprise me. Since 2012 I come shooting the most important aerobic gymnastics competition around the world and never seen before an aerobic group so emotional like them.

The partnerships, friendship and work group made they became the first European champions of history.

Now I'll show you 10 pictures to prove: They are the most emotional TEAM that I have seen.

  1. No matter, if you're a judge and your team is coming to the main floor you'll be apprehensive!

  1. Medals is always important, but a hug worth more than a gold.

  1. They know how say THANK YOU in great style.

  1. This was the first HUG after they play the finals.

  1. They got emotions in faces waiting the score.

  1. Happiness, this is the best world for describe theis team after received a high score.

  1. Apprehension, but you can see in the faces - they are happy with their performance.

  1. Before the official result I did my "paparazzi photographer moment". That "judge" expression certainly is the face of a European champion.

  1. And now they are officially the Aerobic Gymnastics European Champions, 1000 feeling described in a picture.

  1. The competition finished, but the tears never stop - The emotion are in the veins. I don't know how long after the award ceremony they kept to cry, but for sure more than 59 minutes.

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